A mobile first approach for one of New Zealands leading software education providers.

Project Details

Softed are a leading software education provider with a very dated website. Realising they needed to rollout a new online offering they wanted to see concepts for their new Singapore branch.

Straight out of the gates this was a mobile first project. We design from the small screen up. This keeps our focus razor sharp and leads to a naturally trimmed down, distraction free app.

The problem

What is the experience of course finding and enrolling like on such a limited screen? How do you make the whole user journey easy and enjoyable on any device? That is the challenge.

The solution

I designed concepts for several core screens across mobile and desktop. I worked on the mobile design of filtering, reading and digesting course information and booking a course where multiple options are available .

Interaction design. Content across course streams such as agile and the actual courses can be easily chunked. For a good consistent mobile experience I wrapped everything into an accordion. Pages can be swiped through to get an overview then relevant sections opened for greater insight. Keeping this consistent at the curriculum and course level makes it very learnable for new users.
The course booking bar is fixed to bottom of the page for quick and easy access.

Visual design. Softed’s course offerings are content rich. With a lot to scan and digest you need great typography and room to read. I choose a condensed typeface (Trade Gothic) to meet the needs of some of their longer course names plus the beautiful and very readable Meta Serif for body copy. UI was stripped right back to become clear and usable without distracting.

This site is yet to go live but shows how good the outcomes can be when you take a mobile first approach.