Highlighting the personality of our leading cloud services provider.

Project Details

Revera are New Zealand’s cloud services leader. It’s the place where clients manage their systems and cloud services for the new era of hyper-connected business.

As lead designer for NV Interactive on this project I worked on and art direction style that was different from their competition. I also worked on the interaction and visual design.

What problem could they have?

Revera needed to find a way to tell their story and share their service offerings in a way that was unique and emphasised their personal service.

The solution

The challenge was discovering interaction models and a visual design style that was a bit ‘off center’ so to speak.

Art direction. I worked through several concepts finally settling on long linear pages with animated off skew headers. Each section is based on a tight modular grid making the whole page feel cohesive. Generous white space plus a black and white image style sealed the package.

Interaction design. One of Reveras main points of difference is their personal touch. They have a very small dedicated sales & service team. I proposed using the geolocation built into modern browsers to offer advice to users from the closest solution specialists.

Visual design. On long pages you need to let the page flow. The right elements need to pop out where needed and everything needs to work together to create a good narrative. Type is big bold and beautiful. White space is well balanced and Technical details and statistics are give visual prominence.