Marketing Association

Re thinking how ma. organise and present their offerings to New Zealand marketing professionals.

Project Details

MA. are the goto site for any marketing professional in New Zealand. They provide a wealth of information, events and education for the marketing community.

Working as lead designer for NV Interactive on this project I was engaged in creating the strategy, content review and IA documents. On the design side I was responsible for the art direction, interaction and visual design.

So whats the problem?

Well all of the information is there; it is relevant, useful and current. Unfortunately it is hard to find, digest and book courses or events. Their website needs a big old re-think.
We wanted the new MA. site to live up to the ideals of ‘the heart’, ‘a centre of excellence’ not just in it’s visual brand and content but in it’s contemporary, user centric IA.

The solution

In a nutshell, understand MA’s business goals and their users. Develop a concise strategy, overhaul the IA and design to make the MA. site a truly useful resource for their audience.

We extracted three major business objectives for this project.

  1. Help generate Leads
  2. Drive registrations & sell tickets to events and courses
  3. Raise the profile and build the reputation of the MA by highlighting what we do for the industry and how membership supports this

The strategy document took the form of an issue and response document. For example: “Issue: The page layouts make it hard to focus on content. Response: We need to remove any unrelated content from the pages. We also need to move any content that may be related but isn’t focused on our primary goals.”

The IA document focused on a primary navigation system divided into content types. The IA was re-shaped from a very deep labyrinth into a shallow consistent experience based on hubs, sub-hubs(sparingly) and content pages.

Visual design was a major part of this project especially the editorial design. All content needed to flexible, scannable and readable.
The art direction is bold, modern and spacious with a typographic system that is clean and versatile.