HSNO Toolbox

Making the calculation of hazardous substances in the workplace easy as.

Project Details

The Hazardous Substances Toolbox is a micro site and calculator put out by the Environmental Protection Authority to help employers who own or manage small industrial businesses work safely with hazardous substances.

As lead designer I was tasked to work with the current brand/design style of the printed workbook. It’s a great piece of graphic design with a style that translates well to the online space.

The problem

The problem for many workplaces that deal with hazardous substances is understanding the key HSNO controls you need to have in place based on the hazardous substances you use and store at your workplace. It is a very complicated process with hundreds of substances that each have different incompatibilities and storage requirements.

The solution

Working with the lead digital strategist at NV we designed a calculator that would allow for quick easy input and understanding of all the incompatibilities and storage requirements for any substance or combination.
It’s an incredibly complex tool that helps you work out what key HSNO controls you need in place based on your hazardous substances inventory. I designed a simple, clear, intuitive interactive tool and thanks to some amazing work from the rest of the NV team it works like a charm.

Interaction design. I was responsible for the interaction design throughout the site including tabular navigation systems, the guide book and the HSNO calculator.

Visual design. The overall style is influenced by the print guide book. Using this as a starting point I re-imagined the typography to utilise web-fonts from Typekit and take advantage of the greater space available. I used the chunky industrial feel of the original design to design tabs and other navigation. Overall the on and offline packages feel like a cohesive family.