Hawkes Bay Regional Council

A user focused online portal built on Sharepoint that just works plus a mobile only app for bus timetables.

Project Details

HBRC are one of the major regional councils in New Zealand. We needed to create a portal that met the needs of different user groups and council stakeholders.

The primary goal of this project was design a tool that helps drive the HBRC vision “A region with a vibrant community, a prosperous economy, a clean and healthy environment, now and for future generations.”

The Problem

Design a portal that makes the vast amount of information curated by the HBRC easy to find and relevant to specific users.

The Solution

The first major part of this project was conducting multiple workshops in Hawkes Bay to tease out the business requirements of the council and draw on their extensive knowledge to establish our core user groups. We then fed this back with a reverse brief.

Information Architecture. Next we completed a content review and presented two IA options back to the client. One wide and shallow, the other narrow and deep. Our final strategy was a site with two IA structures. One to hold all of their content in easy to understand silos. The second pools content from across the site into relevant categories for our four user groups: Home, business, education and recreation.

Visual Design. From sign off I created the overall art direction for the site based on their brand and geographic region. I designed a drop down sitemap to aid navigation, photo galleries, various landing and content pages.

Mobile Design. The final piece of the project was a bus timetable mobile site. It’s a niche app for one of the most demanded pieces of content in the Bay. People constantly go to the HBRC site for bus timetables. Now if they hit the site via a mobile they can go straight to the bus timetables or the normal site.

So the next time you’re heading off to the Bay look up www.hbrc.govt.nz

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