Family Planning

Finding a Family Planning clinic and other health information is simple with fresh IA and a mobile first design approach.

Project Details

Family Planning is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that has been operating for 75 years. They offer advice and services on sexual and reproductive health, clinical services, education, training and research.

Working as lead designer for NV Interactive I was engaged in the overall User Experience including: generating user stories, content review, IA overhaul, interaction and UI design.

The problem

In the beginning… Family Planning had three distinct sites; their New Zealand site, the global .com site and ‘the voice’ an audience specific site especially targeted at young adults. This meant a fractured experience for users with scattered and often repeated content. A big multi site content review and new IA was definitely in order. Family Planning provide a wealth of information and services, the most sought after being their emergency clinics. The largest user group (15-25 years) often require them and their primary device is of course the mobile. We needed to make the whole experience fast and simple.

The solution

Focusing on three user and stakeholder goals:

  1. Easy clinic finding
  2. Easy to find sexual and reproductive health advice
  3. Access to all of the Family Planning events, resources and products

New Information Architecture was needed. I started with a giant content audit then created and a brand new IA structure, combining the three sites into one to make everything hum.

UI design was next. I created simple yet elegant solutions for finding clinics, discovering and exploring content, viewing the history of Family Planning, and buying products.

Visual design was the icing on the cake. I took the existing brand and updated it to work for a digital platform. I also created new typographic treatments to align with audience and business goals.

Launch Project