BP Finder

Making it easy to find your local BP service station on your mobile.

Project Details

The original BP finder web application developed by NV was designed in the pre-responsive era hence it really only worked well on a desktop.

I was tasked with coming up with some concept designs for a mobile based BP station finder web app. It needed to allow for quick and easy filtering and station finding based on location and other services offered by BP.

The Problem

Not all BP stations are equal. They feature a range of services such as LPG, ATM’s and Smartfuel. Users need to easily find the closest BP and filter by the features they need.

The Solution

Based on the Google maps platform I designed a map and list view of stations based on your current location. Filtering of services is a snap with the press of a button. Each station has a dedicated page view showing location details and the features they offer.

Interaction design. The flow is very much your standard app experience. Users tap and swipe from screen to screen. It’s a linear focused pathway that is quick and easy to understand.

Visual design. Again it looks like an app. Neutral dark minimal chrome with the focus on content. BP branding is used where it counts for map pins and icons.

Out of gas? or just need a coffee break. Next time you may just be using the BP finder…