Brent Dickens

Hi! Brent Dickens, digital creative.
— smart interactivity is my type of work. Clever solutions for big challenges.

My strengths

  • Digital stategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Art direction
  • Visual design
  • Html/css

I'm experiencecd in many of the dark arts in the digital realm; Strategy, UI design, UX, Interaction design, Art direction and Visual design with a better than average knowledge of front-end development. I love to craft work that solves problems and excites audiences.

I am detail oriented, creative, resourceful and innovative designer with skills right across the web design spectrum. I enjoy working with clients, crafting solutions to their often complex design challenges, and defining new interactive products and services.

In my other life I am co-owner and DJ of The Wedding Crashers, a premium wedding DJ & entertainment company in Wellington.
Aside from my wonderful family including Lola and Pax I love swimming, cycling (no lycra please), music of course and riding my big red Vespa.

“Everything is design. everything!” - Paul Rand

So you want more? You can find me here.


I keep it simple as can be.
If you need more information or want to see my full portfolio of work flick me an email.